My Conversation with God … September 27, 2020

Me: Hey God! God: Hey Matt. How are you doing today? You’ve been through a lot over the past week. I’m rather glad you chose not to write about the conversations we’ve been having. Some of our conversations should just be between you and Me. Me: Agreed. It was a rough week. And, I wasContinue reading “My Conversation with God … September 27, 2020”

My conversation with God … August 22, 2020

Me: Hey God! God: Well, hello stranger. It’s been a while since you last chronicled one of our conversations for your blog. Me: I can’t deny that. But, it’s not like we haven’t been talking. God: Daily? Even when you don’t need or want something? Just to chat? Maybe run your ideas by Me? KeepContinue reading “My conversation with God … August 22, 2020”

My Conversation with God … July 19, 2020

God: Matt, shall we get back that question you posed a while back? When is all of this stay-at-home stuff going to end? Me: I’d love that. The numbers in Texas keep getting higher; and the distrust of the numbers seems to be keeping pace. The racial tensions aren’t lessening either. I’ve been listening toContinue reading “My Conversation with God … July 19, 2020”

My conversation with God … July 8, 2020

Me: Hey God! God: Hello Matt. So nice to hear your voice. What’s on your mind? Me: Feeling a little cooped up these days. Work from home. Stay at home. Barely leave home. Some days are better than others. Today has been a tough one. God: So, you’re wondering when this is all going toContinue reading “My conversation with God … July 8, 2020”