My Conversation with God … July 19, 2020

God: Matt, shall we get back that question you posed a while back? When is all of this stay-at-home stuff going to end?

Me: I’d love that. The numbers in Texas keep getting higher; and the distrust of the numbers seems to be keeping pace. The racial tensions aren’t lessening either. I’ve been listening to a lot of 60s and 70s rock music recently … the lyrics of a lot of those songs seem them could have been written about 2020.

God: There was a lot of good music written back then … a lot of bad music too 🙂 … but some really good stuff. You know, good and bad music both are written by musicians of every generation. It’s not like all of Bach’s contemporaries were producing good stuff. Some of it was …. ugh! Ah well, I’ve given everyone certain gifts. I wish more would put them to meaningful use. But, we digress.

Me: That’s for sure. But I agree with you completely on the music thing. Art, literature, philosophy, public discourse, science, policy making. It’s all over the place. I mean, not that everyone has to like the same music, or agree on everything all the time. Outside of Your Word, You leave a whole lot to us to negotiate with each other

God: Yes, but I wish more of you would start with My Word and go from there. That is the root of the problems. People are starting from different places and trying to get to their definition of what the right place is; and you tend to disagree on the definitions of what is right. Everyone want to be right; wants to believe they are right. They – you too, Matt – put themselves in My shoes. When you try to decide what is ultimately right, you try to become Me. All you really need to do is go back to My Words. It’s all in there; you all just need to get back to it.

Me: Yes we do, and yes we should. “Don’t merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what is says.” (James 1:22)

God: I do love that piece of Scripture.

Look, you all have made a pretty big mess of things. You’ve had help, of course. The devil is always right there, cheering, coaching, inciting, tempting, and all of that, but it’s on you.

Me: I know. And “the devil made me do it” is a cop out response. He doesn’t make us do anything, but he does appeal to our selfish nature.

God: Yes, he does. And y’all love that attention.

Anyway, here’s the deal. Like I said, you all have created quite a mess. I’ve decided to put you all in a kind of “time out” – like when you were a kid – to help you focus on cleaning up your acts – individually and together.

You are all My kids, so I decided to go with the “time out” approach here with all of you.

There is a lot of tension around politics and the upcoming election in the US right now. There is a lot of disagreement in the air. Do you think you’ll do a better job resolving that tension if you are face to face in close quarters? I don’t. You need space between each other. Communicate from a distance for a while. Learn to love each other again.

There is a lot of racial tension around the world. Protests can get ugly. I watch them, you know. Even with all of the restrictions in place, people are still coming together in groups. Do you think those tensions will lessen if more protestors – from both sides – have more encouragement to get up close and personal? I don’t. You each need to wrestle with your own demons; reconcile those issues; and then reconcile with each other. You need some space to do that. Learn to love each other again.

There is rampant distrust in the world. Distrust of the government, the media, the scientists, the church, business, just about everyone.

Now, no one and none of these institutions are without sin – you know that – but they are not wholly corrupt either. All of them are full of My children. Learn to love each other again.

You’re not doing a good job of loving Me or of loving your neighbor. You needed a time out to learn to love each other again.

Me: When You put it that way, it makes a lot of sense.

God: I tend to do that … make a lot of sense, that is. It’s kind of My thing 🙂

Me: There You go with the humor again.

God: I find it helps make Me more approachable. Don’t you agree?

Look, this is serious stuff. But I always lead with love. I want you to do that, too. All of you. Just lead with love. I’ll take care of the rest. Learn to love each other again.

Me: I think that’s a great note to finish this song on: Just lead with love, and You will take care of the rest. Learn to love each other again.

God: Amen to that. Love you.

Me: Love you back.

Published by Matt Berndt

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